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Did you know that epiSolve provides Managed Services? No I didn't, what does that get me?

Here's what you get; Managed Services will transfer the day-to-day related management responsibility of handling your IT resources and activities from you over to us.

Whats the benefit in that? Well we future proof your Information Technology services, by using best-of-breed technology accompanied by tried and proven industry best practices.

Sounds good so far, anything else? We also offer a cornucopia of services from simple monitoring to full fledged IT outsourcing services. With fixed monthly payment plans you need not worry about unexpected spikes in costs or charges. You focus on running your business, we'll focus on the IT for you. 

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Information Technology
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epiSolve LLC is a young dynamic technology company with expertise in software development, strategic IT and integration of software systems, business processes and operating environments.

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